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Sicilian doctoral candidate discovers 
breast tumour mechanism

The lead author of the research that discovered the protein switch which controls the progress of breast tumours comes from Sicily. Rossella Lucà was born in Gela 29 years ago. Just like many other young Italian talents, she had to fly to the University of Leuven in Belgium to achieve her professional dream. An achievement that, for her, was not just a result at work. “My family – explains Rossella - has had a number of unfortunate experiences with breast cancer. For this reason, when I was 16 I decided that I would work hard to make myself useful in the fight against this tumour”.

This marked the start of Rossella's journey towards her goal. A journey in stages, from south to north, that began in 2002 when she moved from Gela to Catania, where she graduated in biology three years later. Her second port of call was the Tor Vergata University in Rome when, even before completing her specialisation in cellular and molecular biology, the young lady from Gela joined the Italo-Belgian research team that was studying breast tumours. At the end of the course, the only way to continue her research was by undertaking a research doctorate in Belgium. Four years later, Dr. Lucà signed the study, recently published in the Embo Journal of the European Molecular Biology Organization, showing that the protein responsible for the most common form of hereditary intellectual disability, the Fragile X Syndrome, also contributes to the progression of breast tumours. “This is an important result – affirms Rossella Lucà – since it allows the performance of tests to predict metastases”. Read more...

Il gioco del colore su FB? Un meme contro il cancro

I colori nello status degli utenti di sesso femminile servono a dichiarare la tinta del reggiseno. Ma mentre in Italia è solo un divertimento, la campagna era partita come sensibilizzazione contro la malattia nel 2010. Nero, verde, rosso: probabilmente, se siete utenti  di Facebook, vi ricorderete di esservi imbattuti in molti status di questo tenore sui profili dei vostri contatti di sesso femminile. Per molti maschietti è stato un rebus che si è risolto solamente chiedendo ad amiche, mogli e fidanzate cosa caspiterina volesse dire quell’invasione di colori sulle bacheche. Presto detto: le caselle di posta di molte “signore” sono state intasate da un messaggio che recita così


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